It's a most intelligent choice! 

Imagine a residential development that respects nature 

Putting it into Practice

What this all means in practice is a modern high efficiency home nestled in a forest but only thirty minutes drive to one of Canada's most vibrant metropolitan areas—downtown Ottawa-Gatineau.

There is access to an extensive network of trails and lakes for all-season enjoyment whatever your leisure activity of choice.

Newly-built major roadways quickly connect you to charming towns in the area, to a variety of leisure and recreational facilities, and of course to the big city.

By combining the attributes of a cottage and a suburban home in one property, you can enjoy all the tranquility that comes from living in nature with the urban amenities that are yours by being located near a metropolis. And you can simplify your life.      

Come See

Visit us to see for yourself why Edelweiss Lakes is the premier choice for exurban living in the National Capital Region.

Our Mission

At Edelweiss Lakes, we are committed to something quite out of the ordinary:

  • to build top quality ecologically-minded homes that are attractive, energy efficient, and exquisitely livable
  • to build them in a nature setting that respects the surrounding habitat and promotes a healthy, active lifestyle
  • to offer homebuyers the perfect combination of value, affordability, privacy and liveability in one outstanding package
  • to offer homebuyers a way to reduce their carbon footprint through the option of combining two properties into one dual-purpose home, thus living in social responsibility to our planet          

Our Vision

Welcome to Edelweiss Lakes, an exceptional new community being built in the picturesque Gatineau Hills of southwestern Quebec and offering a truly unique lifestyle experience in exurban residential living—the combination of a cottage and a residential home in one package.

Welcome to a unique residential lifestyle