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Eclipse II  -  1,460 sq ft

Provenance  -  1,550 sq ft

Eclipse I  -  1,660 sq ft

Pino  -  1,248 sq ft

You can also add-on into the design such things as geothermal, photo-voltaic solar, and solar thermal to gain even more energy efficiency and reduce your carbon footprint.

A Raya ecoHome is thus made scalable when it comes to performance and the choice is entirely yours how high in performance you wish to go.

Our base homes cost as little as $350 per YEAR to heat based on a professional assessment done under the Net Zero Heat Program.  That's right. It's not a misprint.**

Of course, this all also makes your Raya ecoHome LEED certification ready, should you wish to have it formally assessed to this standard.  (Find out more here)

Have a good look at our plans below and we're sure you'll fall in love with a Raya ecoHome! 

Your beautiful, high-efficiency home is only a blueprint away! Edelweiss Lakes is proud to partner with Raya EcoHomes as the builder of choice to develop our unique community.

Raya homes come in bungalow and high ranch configurations in four distinctive models that leave a small footprint yet provide spacious comfort in an inviting open concept living space. Homes are available in 1,200 sq ft to 1,650 sq ft plans (excluding basement) and are customizable to your preferences.

More importantly, all Raya homes are quality made with a number of intelligent high-performance features. For example, by carefully positioning your home with its orientation to the sun in mind, we design all our houses to make use of passive solar energy as a built-in aid to conventional heating equipment, thus improving overall energy efficiency greatly.

We also use triple-pane windows and bio-SIP panels for a true R35 factor insulation rating that has the added benefit of providing superior air quality inside your home through the avoidance of conventional insulating materials.

Style, high performance... and Mother Nature