Live better, live healthier in your own nature retreat

With nature all around, you won't find a crowded cookie-cutter neighbourhood here at Edelweiss Lakes!

You have the choice of buying a lot and custom building under your own contractor; or you can choose to build with our own partner contractor Raya EcoHomes, a leader in high performance environmentally-designed residential homes offering four outstanding plans that can be customized.

We are currently releasing Phase I of our properties comprising a total of 20 lots.

Our lots start at $47,500.

Come see why they are so special!                 

While our philosophy for providing a unique lifestyle may be simple, it's our exceptional property holdings that can make dreams come true.

All of our lots are designed to give you plenty of privacy and a feeling like you are in cottage country.

That means:

  • each lot comprises a minimum of 1 full acre of forested terrain.
  • the homes are set in their lots in such a way that they are not directly in the line of sight of adjacent homes.
  • as much as possible, we preserve the natural forest when building in your lot. You may partially thin out our remove small parts of the forest later upon application and approval from the developer.

 Phase I

Your own piece of personal paradise